Art &

Working with youth and under-served communities through art-based activities and programs focused on social justice issues.


Art restores our creative energy. We engage youth and under-served communities through art-based activities focused on social justice issues

Restorative Justice centers our story. Who we are. Why we are here. What happened. Revolving around our shared life experiences. Transforming into healing.

See how our team generates artivism for social justice issues.

Artivist Murals

Our murals gather the social intelligence of the location that we are in, this informs us of the issues that people want to amplify, inviting us to co-create magic.

The Artivist

The Artivist workshop sparks imagination by inviting participants to identify the issues that matter to them in their community. Using brushes, paint, and some rags, we create artivist messages centered on social justice.

Know Your

Encounters with the NYPD and law enforcement are an unfortunate reality in the lives of many New Yorkers, especially in low-income communities of color. This workshop emphasizes safety as a priority, deescalation, accountability, and justice.

Artivist Map